Ola Sandström: Aska #PWM33


ASKA is an album and a project that was prepared and planned during early spring 2020 when the pandemic was a fact. ASKA symbolizes a new hope and a new time by daring to relate to death and dwell on themes that deal with the past and want to strive further.

Music and arrangements are written by Ola Sandström and saw the light of day in quarantine in March.

Lyrics by Carl Michael Bellman and Karin Boye are interspersed with instrumental compositions.

Participating musicians:
Ola Sandström – vocals & guitar
Petter Berndalen – percussion
Pär-Ola Landin – double bass
Lisa Långbacka – accordion
Helene Norrman – dobro
Lisa Rydberg – violin
Lisa Östergren – vocals
Jonas Östholm – piano

The release date for ASKA is March 19th 2021