Elin Larsson Group: Live and Alive #PWM2

Live and Alive

Playing With Music´s second release.

Saxophone player Elin Larsson, one of the brightest shining stars on the Swedish jazz scene, has during 2009 received her big break through. Now she releases her eagerly awaited debut album “Live and Alive”, together with her own band Elin Larsson Group. The music of the band is, according to Elin´s own words, “a hybrid of jazz, rock & pop, free improvisation and folk music, from heartbreaking beauty to ruthless power, from dramatic to playful.” Come on a journey where the enormously together Elin Larsson Group lets the music travel where it wants to go!

Elin Larsson Tenor & Soprano Saxophone, Kristian Persson Trombone, Henrik Hallberg Guitar, Niklas Wennstršm Double Bass, Johan Käck Drums.

Released 09.12.09

Contact: tommi[a]mtaprod.se