Daniel Onyango: Nyatiti Stories #PWMX5

Nyatiti Stories

Nyatiti Stories is a musical storytelling project led by Kenyan musician Daniel Onyango.

Nyatiti is a string instrument from the Luo culture in Kenya and is used for traditional storytelling.
An oral tradition such as Daniel Onyango continues, while also developing the language of the Nyatiti. In this production, Kenyan stories are interwoven with Daniel’s musical and cultural impressions from Sweden.

Daniel Onyango’s vocals and traditional music making are at the center. In collaboration, musicians Tobias Andersson (guitar) and Staffan Bråsjö (piano/vocals) create a sound world that borrows influences from both jazz, afrobeat and not least Swedish folk music tradition.

The project is a musical representation of similarities and differences between two continents.
In Nyatiti Stories, the listener gets to know music traditions that have evolved separately from one another, but still carry great similarities.

Digital Release Jan 31, 2020