Zephyr: October Ocean #PWM20

October Ocean

The phenomenal flute trio Zephyr is poised for their first release, October Ocean,
on the Playing With Music label. An encounter extraordinaire between three of
Sweden’s top world and folk flutists. The vast musicallandscapes span from far-north
heaths to rush-hour traffic in a hotter climate. Remarkable rhythms percolating
throughout melodies and sound excursions underthe sea, providing music
like nothing ever heard before. Winds ranging from a soft breeze, a bracing north wind,
a sultry monsoon, to hurricane force.

Göran Månsson – Sub-contrabass recorder, Härjedal’s flute, Månmarka flute
Jonas Simonson – Alto flute, Härjedal’s flute, Overtone flute
Richard Ekre Suzzi – Bansuri, Wind sticks