Petter Berndalen: Rhythm of Sweden Part1 #PWM4

Rhythm of Sweden Part1

Rhythm of Sweden Part1 is a 40 min drum solo based on tradition Swedish folk music.

Petter Berndalen has turned the accepted conditions and past norms of drum playing up-side-down. He is fascinated by the melodic function of solo fiddle performers of Swedish folk music, and this forms the basis for his playing. His goal is not to play something that fits in with folk music, but rather to play something that undoubtedly IS folk music. He achieves this by studying solo fiddle players and applying every minute detail to his percussion playing.

“It is extremely groovy, complete and wilful. But most notable is that he makes it sound like folk music, not like free-form jazz or world music. Through studying fiddlers in detail and imitating their syntax he has found a way of placing his drum kit in the tradition.”

Po Tidholm, Dagens Nyheter

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