Willemark/Knutsson/Öberg: Svenska Låtar #PWM29

Svenska Låtar

Lena Willemark vocals and violins
Jonas Knutsson saxophones
Mats Öberg piano and harmonica

-”The Swedish folk songs have always been present in our music making and composing. An eternal source of inspiration. Now we want to record some of these treasures in our very own way. The time feels ripe for some of our most beloved Swedish songs composed by favorites such as, Eva Dahlgren, Hjorth Anders, Marie Bergman, Ola Magnell, Cornelis Vreeswijk, Evert Taube and others Colorful and wild, subtle and fragile, we try move with both ease and weight in the personal interpretations. In this trio we have an interaction that only long time and vast curiosity can create but where each one’s voice also shines brightly”.

Artist: Willemark / Knutsson / Öberg
Album: Svenska Låtar
Video / Single: Gärdebylåten
Album Release: Feb 8, 2019
Recorded by Janne Hansson, Atlantis
Mixed by Petter Berndalen, Playing With Music
Mastered by Classe Persson, CRP Recordings
Record company: Playing With Music, distributed by Border Music AB
Booking: www.mtaprod.se