Alla Fagra: Vi Är Alla Fagra! #PWM6

Vi Är Alla Fagra!

Change is in the air. It’s a time for breaking boundaries and challenging conventions. Alla Fagra is redefining traditions, feeding them modern influences and encouraging them to coexist with the music of the 21st century. Acoustic sounds are energized in their skillful hands! Earthy, raw, melodic passages artfully drift into billowing musical landscapes and rain drenched skies, all the while retaining a joyful brilliance. Alla Fagra’s exquisite musical arrangements are imbued with a fresh curiosity that implores the listener to join them. Take their journey through folk music, prepare to be inspired. “Vi är Alla Fagra!” “We Are All Fair!”

Julia Westberg Vocals, Dan Svensson Vocals & Percussion, Olof Götlin Violin & Viola D´Amore, Gabriel Hermansson Bozouki, Per Svensson Bass

Released 13.05.11

Contact: allafagra[a]