Irmelin: Upp #PWM30


The vocal trio Irmelin have travelled around the world with their music for two decades. With passion, sincerity and closely-knit voices Irmelin perform their songs in which a multitude of emotions, expression and improvisation gives life to both traditional and newly written folk music. The three voices span from the most powerful tone of the herding call to the most delicate of phrases. With roots in the Nordic folk music tradition and an experimental curiosity, over the years the trio have developed a sound entirely their own.

Irmelin have released five albums: Kärligheten (2006), Gyldene Freden (2008), North Sea Stories (2012), Swedish Folk Songs (2016) and Upp (2020). The group’s members have all studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and are well-established professional singers. Irmelin have toured in Europe, Asia and North America, and have featured in TV, radio and theatre productions.

Eva Rune Voice, Ocarinas, Body Percussion, Piano
Karin Ericsson Back
 Voice, Ocarinas, Body Percussion, Hang, Percussion
Maria Misgeld
 Voice, Ocarinas, Body Percussion, Glass bottles

About the album
Three women, mothers, sisters and daughters who have taken a slightly different path in life. Deep roots in the herding music of the mountain pastures and curiosity about folk music from all around the world. Respect for previous generations of song poets binds us together musically, and inspires us to new songs. The music became a weave of traces left by life, shadows and impressions that have been part of our palette for a long time. With great curiosity for vocal expression we have created a world of our own which reflects our daily lives and the times we live in, where we can gather ourselves ahead of an unknown future, dig where we stand, break the norm and readjust. We walk side by side with untidy braids, safety helmets and boots. We help each other because we are all in the same boat. Welcome aboard!

1 Blekt ljus (Pale Light) Lyrics & music Eva Rune. Arr. Eva Rune
2 Fortsätter resa oss (We Keep On Going) Lyrics & music Eva Rune, Arr. Eva Rune
3 Du är din och jag är min (You are Yours and I am Mine) Lyrics Irmelin. Music Maria Misgeld. Arr. Maria Misgeld
4 Fan i båten (The Devil in The Boat) Lyrics & music Maria Misgeld. Arr. Maria Misgeld
5 Västra Storgatan (Västra Stor Street) Irmelin
6 Vaggvisa 2.0 (Lullaby 2.0) Verse Maria Misgeld. Chorus Carl Michael Bellman  (from the lullaby Lille Carl, written to his son in 1787) music based on traditional Fiskeskärsmelodin Arr. Maria Misgeld.
7 Tiden (Time) Lyrics Irmelin. Music Eva Rune. Arr. Eva Rune
8 Ack du som kan på människan tro (O Thou Who Does Believe In Man) Original: “Ack Herre Gud i höjden bor” after Anderses Jöns Ersson, Floda Dalarna, hymn 309 in the Swedish hymnbook (Karolinska psalmboken) from 1695.  Lyrics processing Maria Misgeld. Arr. Maria Misgeld. Guest singers Gunilla Jonsson, Helmer Larsson, Signe Misgeld, Petter Berndalen, Maja Gardemark
9 Med fickan full av minnen (With a Pocket Full of Memories) Lyrics & Music Eva Rune. Arr. Eva Rune
10 Blå (Blue) Lyrics & music Karin Ericsson Back. Arr. Karin Ericsson Back
11 Vännen min (My Beloved) Lyrics & music Karin Ericsson Back. Arr. Karin Ericsson Back
12 Hamam (Hamam) Lyrics & music Karin Ericsson Back. Arr. Karin Ericsson Back
13 En smula udda farled till livet (A Slightly Different Path In Life) Lyrics & music Maria Misgeld. Arr. Maria Misgeld
14 I morgon (Tomorrow) Lyrics & music Karin Ericsson Back. Arr. Karin Ericsson Back
15 Walk & Talk (Walk & Talk) Maria Misgeld, inspired by Sami Jojk after Hanne Kersti Yndestad, Norway. Arr. Maria Misgeld

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Recording: Otto Wellton Kingside studio, Gnesta (1, 3-7, 9-10, 12-14) & Petter Berndalen, Playing With Music Recording Studio, Stockholm (2, 8, 11, 15)
Mix: Otto Wellton (1, 3-7, 9-10, 12-14) & Petter Berndalen (2, 8, 11, 15)
Mastering: Petter Berndalen, Playing With Music Recording Studio, Stockholm
Photo and layout: Aron Mattsson
Jewelry: Karin Ferner
Produced by Irmelin

Press contact: Christina Glaeser, 073-9479851

Release: March 14th 2020