Petter Berndalen: Umeå Meets Umeå

In Umeå Meets Umeå archival recordings of the older Swedish Västerbottnian dialects are transformed into newly written, and at the same time, ancient music. A previously undiscovered artistic legacy sees the light of day. Percussionist Petter Berndalen has turned the prevailing standards of how to play drums upside down. He has created his completely unique […]

Mattias Pérez: Nattdansen

The guitarist Mattias Pérez has worked as a musician with Swedish folk music as a base for 20 years. In that genre, his guitar playing has been partly shaped by the “translation” from violin to guitar, where every drill and string pattern has had to find its place, but he also brings with him expressions […]

Trio Törn: Painting With Polska

With violin, nyckelharpa and cello, Trio Törn constantly challenges the instrument’s possibilities and the boundaries of the tradition. When they play together, mixing colorful melodies, captivating harmonies, uninhibited swing and intimacy, everything in one living unit. With their own compositions, strongly rooted in the traditional nordic folk music Trio Törn is a chamber musical meeting […]

Kristin Amparo: Som havets ängar

The most personal album Som havets ängar contains songs in Swedish and Spanish with rhythms from the Andes and Colombia. Kristin has written large parts of the music on a small island called Björnholmen and is located outside Mälarhöjden, where she has a small cottage. The songs in Spanish were written during a trip to Cali, which is located in Colombia, the city Kristin was born in almost 39 years ago.

Ola Sandström: Aska

ASKA is an album and a project that was prepared and planned during early spring 2020 when the pandemic was a fact. ASKA symbolizes a new hope and a new time by daring to relate to death and dwell on themes that deal with the past and want to strive further. Music and arrangements are […]

Irmelin: Upp

The vocal trio Irmelin have travelled around the world with their music for two decades. With passion, sincerity and closely-knit voices Irmelin perform their songs in which a multitude of emotions, expression and improvisation gives life to both traditional and newly written folk music. The three voices span from the most powerful tone of the […]

Daniel Onyango: Nyatiti Stories

Nyatiti Stories is a musical storytelling project led by Kenyan musician Daniel Onyango. Nyatiti is a string instrument from the Luo culture in Kenya and is used for traditional storytelling. An oral tradition such as Daniel Onyango continues, while also developing the language of the Nyatiti. In this production, Kenyan stories are interwoven with Daniel’s […]

Tuulikki Bartosik: Tempest in a teapot

Tempest In A Teapot is the Estonian accordion stylist and musical experimenter’s second solo album, the follow-up to 2016’s internationally acclaimed Storied Sounds. Her new album is, she continues, ”a story about me, my roots and where I find myself – the longing for nature and friends, how I work as an individual in nature, […]

RIM: Båten

The album The Boat consists of traditional folk music tunes in Rim’s arrangement and new compositions by all the members of the band. The album is released on the label Playing With Music. In conjunction with the album release, Rim goes on a release tour in Sweden, Norway, Germany and Belgium. Rim has played together […]

Willemark/Knutsson/Öberg: Svenska Låtar

Lena Willemark vocals and violins Jonas Knutsson saxophones Mats Öberg piano and harmonica -”The Swedish folk songs have always been present in our music making and composing. An eternal source of inspiration. Now we want to record some of these treasures in our very own way. The time feels ripe for some of our most […]

Bridget Marsden & Leif Ottosson: Sea of Trees

Bridget Marsden & Leif Ottosson – Sea of Trees From the album Sea of Trees, released on Playing With Music. Following their critically acclaimed debut album Mountain Meeting, Bridget Marsden & Leif Ottosson are back with their second album, Sea of Trees, in which every piece has received its own distinct imagery. The album offers […]

Långbacka/Bådagård: Wake Us Up

“Wake us up” is the Swedish ”pop meets folk” duo Långbacka/Bådagård’s debut album. The music is best described as a fairy tale… As if Regina Spektor had moved to the Scandinavian mountains and learned how to play the violin.  Sprung from different angles of the music scene (Maja Långbacka from traditional folk music and Matilda […]

Jalal & Ruhollah: Inshallah

Jalal & Ruhollah came to Sweden from Afghanistan 2015 Initialist of this CD, Petter Berndalen heard them play live and fell in love with the music. “Their music is so amazing that people just have to hear it!” Petter’s hope that the sale of the record could be an income for the musicians continued journey. […]

Vilja-Louise: Singing from the source

Vilja-Louise is a rare singer who can create an entire musical world with nothing but her voice. Singing from the source, is an unaccompanied solo album in which she sings powerful yet intimateinterpretations of traditional folk songs from Sweden, Appalachia and Ireland. The album captures the vitality and resonance of a concert, shimmering with variety […]

Trio Törn: Debut

Trio Törn – Folkmusic-Sweden’s new Super Group releases their debut album. Trio Törn is a colorful chamber-musical meeting between three strong personalities with a common curiosity to reach the instrument´s full potential, both individually and together as a group. On keyed fiddle, cello and violin, they mix colorful harmonies with an unaltered drive. The Debut […]

Lena Jonsson: Places

Release 15 february 2018! Renowned for her work in the Swedish folk scene, Lena Jonsson has spent over 15 years performing in the US, UK, Europe, Australia and Asia. Her ability to balance a deep knowledge of traditional Swedish folk music with innovative artistic sensibilities has made her one of the most distinct artists and […]

This is How we Fly: Foreign Fields

The second album of This is How we Fly! “This is what the future sounds like” The Irish Times “Evocative and heartfelt, TIHWF’s music is an elegant and haunting celebration of tradition and modernity that extols the possibilities of modern folk music to surprise and delight.” All About Jazz” Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh, hardanger d’amore Seán […]

Irmelin: Hemmahamnen

The single Irmelin/Hemmahamnen is a digital release and is released as a preview of Irmelin’s forthcoming CD, scheduled to be released in spring 2018. Music & Lyrics: Eva Rune Eva Rune, vocals, udo Maria Misgeld, vocals Karin Ericsson Back, vocals

Zephyr: October Ocean

The phenomenal flute trio Zephyr is poised for their first release, October Ocean, on the Playing With Music label. An encounter extraordinaire between three of Sweden’s top world and folk flutists. The vast musicallandscapes span from far-north heaths to rush-hour traffic in a hotter climate. Remarkable rhythms percolating throughout melodies and sound excursions underthe sea, […]

Anders Löfberg: Nittonbunda

As a fiddler and cellist, Anders Löfberg is one of the most influential musicians on the Scandinavian folk and world music scene today. With one foot in the folk music tradition of Småland, and the other in experimental innovation, Anders has developed a highly personal style of playing throughout the years which inspires and touches. […]

Lena Jonsson & Brittany Haas: Lena Jonsson & Brittany Haas

Lena Jonsson and Brittany Haas is two growing strong female role models for players as well as consumers of folk and world music, both in Sweden and the USA. Their voices are very important in both the Swedish and the American folk music scene. Despite their young age, they are both well-known and iconic of […]

Bridget Marsden & Leif Ottosson: Mountain Meeting

Mountain Meeting is the long-awaited debut album from two rising young stars of the Swedish folk scene, full to the brim of innovative interpretations of Nordic folk music. They present a selection of their own compositions and traditional material, moving adeptly between atmospheric improvisation, tight melody playing and filmic soundscapes. Meet the violin and the […]

Rotvälta: Tjilin

Rotvälta is Sven Ahlbäck (fiddle), Mikael Marin (viola), Mats Olofsson (cello) and Susanne Rosenberg (voice),. The music of ROTVÄLTA can be described as modal, riff based, ornamented, rich with blue notes, strongly influenced by older traditional Scandinavian folk music. Sometimes heavy as Hendrix or Bartôk and sometimes meditative and soft as dawn. Rotvälta is may […]

Lisa Lestander: Sånger från Norr

Lisa Lestander is previously known as one of the singers in the vocal group Kraja. During her studies in Swedish traditional singing at the Conservatory of Music in Falun and the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, she noticed the lack of documentation of songs from Sweden’s northernmost provinces. Research in music archives of the […]

NID: Homecoming Queen

With an extraordinary synergy that has amazed the audience as well as the critics throughout the years, the traditional Swedish folk trio NID draws the listener into it’s rich and colourful music. Three established folk musicians of today with a common interest in the art of ensemble playing. The main focus is on the melody […]

This is How we Fly: This is How we Fly

Digital download click here! Buy the CD click here! This is How we Fly is a contemporary folk band consisting of Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh on fiddle & hardanger fiddle, Seán Mac Erlaine on clarinets & live electronics, Nic Gareiss on percussive dance, and Petter Berndalen on drums and percussion. Individually, each member has carved out […]

Susanne Rosenberg: Getens Horn

It is a continuous suite of music, a story woven of musical associations above a base of new Swedish folk music. Susanne Rosenberg, Ulrika Bodén, Karin Ericson-Back, Maria Misgeld and Sofia Sandén Voice, Jonas Bleckman, Anders Löfberg and Leo Svensson Celli, Isak Bergström, Lisa Eriksson and Leif Ottosson Accordion.

PACE: Searchlight

Swedish band PACE plays jazz of their very own. The four members are among Sweden’s finest performers and together they form a kind of musical dream team. Their unique sound consists of wild and beautiful improvisations along with strong melodies and advanced communication.
Elin Larsson Saxophones, Adam Forkelid Piano, Per-Ola Landin Double bass , Christopher Cantillo Drums

Elin Larsson Group: Growing Up

With its hybrid of jazz, rock & pop, free impro and folk, Swedish saxophone player Elin Larsson has established her Elin Larsson Group as one of the most interesting young Swedish jazz bands. The story continues in January 2013 with the release of their third album GROWING UP.
Elin Larsson Saxophones/composition, Kristian Persson Trombone, Henrik Hallberg Guitar, Niklas Wennström Double bass, Johan Käck Drums

BLM: Svang

With rhythmic flow, improvisation and innovation the original music of BLM flies as fast as a flick yet loaded with beat and hard core tradition. BLM placed together create a genre crossing music that is unparalleled. their music moves between improvisation and traditional folk music, with an extremely strong song material signed Olle Lindvall BLM creates a world of shades and hues and adds a whole new voice of the modern Swedish folk music.
Olle Lindvall Guitar, Olof Misgeld Violin/Viola, Petter Berndalen Percussion

NID: Singular

With an extraordinary synergy that has amazed the audience as well as the critics throughout the years, the traditional Swedish folk trio NID draws the listener into it’s rich and colourful music. Three well established folk musicians of today meet in a common curiosity and wonderment when discovering the possibilites of ensemble playing. NID plays both traditional and contemporary tunes in a playful, groovy and tight way with the melodies always in focus, giving inspiration.
Mia Marin Five stringe fiddle, Petter Berndalen Percussion, Hanna Wiskari Griffith Soprano-and alto saxophone

Stefan Carlberg: Mycel

Before the project Mycel, Stefan has Carlberg sought musicians to create the this special sound. They take us on a journey with streaks of folk, jazz, strong melodies with Nordic roots, where improvisation and interaction are central. The musicians are carefully selected and given much room to play music with their personality. The music is exclusively contemporary music by Stefan.
Stefan Carlberg Piano, Lars Almkvist Trumpet, Linda Carlberg Cello, Per-Ola Landin Double bass, Petter Berndalen Percussion.

Alla Fagra: Vi Är Alla Fagra!

Change is in the air. It’s a time for breaking boundaries and challenging conventions. Alla Fagra is redefining traditions, feeding them modern influences and encouraging them to coexist with the music of the 21st century.
Julia Westberg Vocals, Dan Svensson Vocals & Percussion, Olof Götlin Violin & Viola D´Amore, Gabriel Hermansson Bozouki, Per Svensson Bass

Elin Larsson Group: Let You In

Elin Larsson Group is one of the hottest acts on the Swedish jazz scene today. Together ELG has created a brand new sound where creativy and spontanity flows freely. At the same time, the storytelling and emotional expression are always present. The definite break through came in 2009 with debut album Live And Alive. The […]

Ranarim: Sayonara

This digital EP released in conjunction with the band’s final tour and is a farewell gift to all the fans who listened to Ranarim through the band´s long career. Available for download on iTunes.
Ulrika Bodén Vocals, Johanna Bölja Hertzberg Vocals, Niklas Roswall Keyed fiddle, Daniel Ek Guitar, Petter Berndalen Percussion.

Petter Berndalen: Melody on Drums 1

Melody on Drums 1 is a digital release and contains five tracks from the traditions Petter has looked deeper into. Music from Bingsjö and Orsa in Dalarna and music from the Jernberg family in Gästrikland.

Petter Berndalen, percussion

Petter Berndalen: Rhythm of Sweden Part1

Rhythm of Sweden Part1 is a 40 min drum solo based on tradition Swedish folk music. Petter Berndalen has turned the accepted conditions and past norms of drum playing up-side-down. He is fascinated by the melodic function of solo fiddle performers of Swedish folk music, and this forms the basis for his playing.
Petter Berndalen, percussion

Susanne Rosenberg: ReBoot/OmStart

Swedish folksongs in a mix of old traditional songs, newly composed songs and improvisation. Medevial ballades, latin hymns, hearding calls and magic spell in a folk song performance. Calibrate your ears and mind to explore the tiny, tiny nuances in our otherwise loud and noisy world. A new start. A reboot.

Susanne Rosenberg Vocals, Bells & Ocarina.

Elin Larsson Group: Live and Alive

Playing With Music´s second release. Saxophone player Elin Larsson, one of the brightest shining stars on the Swedish jazz scene, has during 2009 received her big break through. Now she releases her eagerly awaited debut album “Live and Alive”, together with her own band Elin Larsson Group. The music of the band is, according to […]

Tandoori Hill: Brave Shyness

Brave Shyness is the last record that was recorded in legendary Europa Studios in Stockholm, Sweden where “Waltz for Debby” with Monica Zetterlund & Bill Evans amongst other great records has been recorded.

Emma Reid Fiddle, Emma Johansson Alto flute, Bengt Jonasson Banjo, Petter Berndalen Percussion.